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Arthritis / Neuropathy (pain)


The Aches and Pains map shows areas where weather is likely to cause aches and pains.

There has long been said to be a link between “rheumatic” pain and the weather. There appears to be no firm evidence in favour or against, but a 1995 questionnaire given to 557 people by A. Naser and others at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s Pain Management Center concludes that “changes in barometric pressure are the main link between weather and pain. Low pressure is generally associated with cold, wet weather and an increase in pain. Clear, dry conditions signal high pressure and a decrease in pain.

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For Trigeminal Neuralgia sufferers, we have found that the most comfort comes around 1014 hPa. Rapid changes (between 2-4 hPa) are moderately uncomfortable and extremely High (1020+ hPa) or Low (<1005 hPa) can be debilitating.

Barometric Pressure Trend barotrendgraph
  • Temperature (Green)
  • Humidity (Yellow)
  • Dew Point (Red)
  • Barometer (Purple)
Current Barometric Pressure barodial


station trends

Current Research:

With scant research on the link between pain and Barometric Pressure, here are some links to known research. Please share or better still, encourage those who can, to take up the topic in academia…

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