Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

We have rebranded our platforms and restructured our social media to bring you the latest weather information using the latest technology.

With changes in content delivery, and how users prefer content, we began back in mid 2020 to review social media use and delivery of our products. We examined our website for reach, visits, and ease of use on certain mobile platforms. After a thorough review, some things needed to change.

Social Media

Our daily posts on Facebook were simply not reaching our very dedicated and loyal base of over 20,000 followers. We felt the enhanced throttling and algorithms in use, were restricting the flow of vital, potentially life-saving weather information. Historically, a simple post for “Snow Cream Recipe”, would reach over 2 million people, have over 840,000 shares, and over a million comments and reactions. Our most recent snow event, barely reached 1,200 followers, and generated less than a dozen comments and reactions. In the past, a marginal snow event, would have reached well over 500,000 followers!

We invested heavily with Facebook integrating developer tools in our website, purchasing advertising, and participating in developer forums. At the time of this writing, we have severed our relationship with Facebook and have chosen to move forward on more direct publishing mediums.

What has changed?

Website – Our website for one! We have chosen a more media friendly layout that will enhance the user experience. As this is published here for your review and daily use, it is continually being updated.

MeWe – Because we are no longer with Facebook, we have decided upon MeWe to receive our daily posts and frequent articles from this blog. Very similar to Facebook, MeWe offers many of the features we have been used to BUT content is delivered to followers instantly. Our page can be found HERE.

Twitter – Our Twitter page will remain active and can be found HERE.

Blog – Pages such as this, will continue to be published and with MORE frequency! They will be sent to Twitter, MeWe, and if you subscribe, directly to your email inbox. You can subscribe in the box below.

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Stay Tuned…More is coming!

As we continue to serve our clients, we will be introducing new weather features and tools here on the website. We will also be using those same features to enhance our understanding of the weather and bring better forecast presentations to you.

We’ve been here since 2014 and are excited about moving forward. Besides…everyone knows the science of weather has the coolest tools!

Now, let’s get going!

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