Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

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“The NC Weather Happens team is excited to announce that we have partnered with In-telligent LLC. Through the FREE In-telligent app, we will be able to keep you safer and more informed about weather across the state by sending hyper-targeted alerts right to your mobile device!

– In-telligent allows us to send the messaging we always have been right to you via a push notification. Though we will still post to social media, you no longer have to rely on our social media pages to get important weather information, or search through numerous posts to see which alerts might pertain to you.

– In-telligent allows us to override your silent and do not disturb settings when a weather threat is especially dangerous. We will use this sparingly; only in situations where your life is in danger. It also allows us to send you general messaging, such as daily forecasts.

Simply search for In-telligent in the App or Google Play Store (make sure to use the dash in the name), download, then search for and subscribe to NC Weather Happens – General under the Communities tab. We will use this community to push out day-to-day messaging and forecasts. For hyper-targeted alerts for your specific area, search for “(your county) – NC Weather Happens”. Example: Guilford County – NC Weather Happens under the Communities tab. Please note that In-telligent is compatible with Android 5.0+ and Apple 9.0+ devices.

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We’re excited to help keep you ahead of the storm through In-telligent! Make sure to share the app with loved ones to keep them safe and informed, too!”


  • Now you can create your own Personal Community within the App. Now you can send your own alerts to family, friends, and co-workers when other means just don’t work. The ability to override the silent setting on a loved one’s phone when there is an emergency is proving valuable!
  • The App now has the ability to alert you when Lightning is in the vicinity. If you are within 5 miles of a lightning strike, your phone will sound like a thunderstorm…even when the sky is clear! Very useful at the pool, camping, fishing, or even fore crews working outdoors.
  • With a partnership with the USGS, you can now receive Earthquake alerts as they happen from the USGS automated system. Our mountains have quite a few small temblors but they have been reported almost everywhere in NC.
  • New application interface with intuitive and responsive design for 2019.



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