Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

The saying goes, “when you hear thunder in Winter, it will snow in 7 – 10 days”. We have ample thunder today so if the saying holds true, we should have a White Christmas. Winter is 5 days away BUT we are in Meteorological Winter so… Let’s take a look…

We hate to disappoint everyone, but the chances in any given year outside of the mountains for North Carolina are extremely slim. There’s always a chance, but this season the pattern just isn’t there.

What to the models say?

There are subtle differences between the Global models this morning with timing but overall, they are in decent agreement.

Shown here is the GFS Deterministic model for Christmas Day. Sunny, mild and partly cloudy would be the best forecast available for Christmas.

Looking at the extended and long range, we will close out December with above normal temperatures and slightly below normal precipitation.

Snow lovers will have to wait until January for any appreciable winter weather outside of the mountains. Winter begins in 5 days, so be patient. We are just getting started!

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