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NC Weather Happens, LLC Partners With In-telligent to Communicate Weather Emergencies More Effectively

NCWH to begin using new mobile app to keep people safer and better informed during severe weather

GREENSBORO, NC (August 24, 2017) – NC Weather Happens, LLC (NCWH), a North Carolina-based weather education and forecasting group, has teamed up with In-telligent to drastically improve communication to weather-conscious North Carolina residents. This partnership will allow NCWH to directly alert their followers to weather hazards via the In-telligent app keeping them as safe as possible.

2017 is the deadliest year for severe weather incidents in the past 10 years. Coincidentially, warning accuracy sits at a low 58 percent across the country; the lowest it has been since 1994. Clearly, there is a need for more effective communication between weather organizations and citizens.

“It’s great to work with an organization like NCWH. Their commitment to gathering and sharing critically important weather situations is inspiring”, stated Al Sutherland, Founder and CEO of In-telligent. “Being able to get this information to people who are in danger is at the core of what we do. The synergies created by our two organizations will be transformative.”

Previously, Facebook and other social media platforms were the only methods that NCWH had to push out alerts to its nearly 11,000 followers around the world. Illustrating the problem that these platforms create is that posts distributed through Facebook are typically seen by less than six percent of a group’s followers, making it a horribly ineffective form of communication; especially when it comes to life saving information. Further, without a natural ability to direct the posts, Facebook followers must comb through each post to see which might be relevant to them.  In-telligent solves this issue by delivering messages right to a follower’s mobile device instead of their cluttered newsfeed.  In addition, NCWH can now quickly and easily target messaging to specific followers based on their geographic locations.  These two features alone dramatically improve NCWH’s ability to keep its followers informed when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

“The possibility of reaching our followers who are in danger zones with critical alerts is what really excited me about working with In-telligent because that has been a problem for quite some time,” said Christopher Freeman, founder of NC Weather Happens, LLC. “Now we have the ability to target hyperlocal areas with alerts, making our messaging much more relevant and accurate. Also, through the Contact feature, we have an efficient way to receive tips and field reports from people around the state. For us, it was a no-brainer.”

NCWH and In-telligent are committed to minimizing future severe weather tragedies. NCWH’s followers know that severe weather is unpredictable. By downloading In-telligent’s FREE app from the Google or App Store and subscribing to the “NC Weather Happens” communities that apply to them, they will stay safer and better informed.


About In-telligent In-telligent gives peace of mind to users by enabling them to be better informed, have greater awareness, and become more deeply engaged in their communities. In-telligent is compatible with both Android and iOS powered devices. With unprecedented functionality and remarkable ease of use, In-telligent builds awareness in a way that strengthens trust and heightens safety. In the case of an emergency, In-telligent ensures that users will be alerted immediately – because safety is critical. Visit to find out more.

About NC Weather Happens NC Weather Happens, LLC is one of the leading sources for weather information in North Carolina and the go to weather consultants for emergency management. NCWH alerts its followers to important weather information, including forecasts, watches, warnings, discussions, and more. All information is free of hype, bias, and wild speculation.




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