Tue. Jan 19th, 2021

Once we get through a “Wild Christmas Weather Ride”, temperatures take a dive.

Christmas Day:

  • It will mild for this time of year with temps in the mid 50’s.
  • Winds should die down from gusts in the morning to near calm late evening.
  • The air will be notably drier as humidity and dew point fall.

The 26th:

  • The midnight temperature of 45 should be the high for the day
  • Temps slowly fall throughout the day.

Into New Years Day:

  • Progressive cooling with New Years eve struggling to make it out of the 30’s
  • Expecting mostly dry conditions through the period at this time, but watching the 30th for some precipitation so stay tuned.

Bottom Line:

Winter is finally arriving and the medium range is picking up quite well on a cooling trend. As for winter precipitation, there is no agreement at all in long-range models, and they are wavering back and forth at best beyond 8 days. Later today the more reliable long-range models will be updated so we will share what we know this evening.

Cooling Trend After Christmas
Cooling Trend After Christmas

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