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Posted 1/01/2015 2:34PM

Saturday the 3rd Wintry Mix Chances Decreasing…Brutal Arctic Cold on the Way!!!

The Canadian High Pressure slated to push cold air into the region this weekend has turned out to be not as strong; therefore, our chances for a Wintry Mix Saturday are slim to none. Frozen precipitation will be confined to higher elevations outside of our forecasting area.

Wintry Mix Chances for Saturday Decreasing.
Wintry Mix Chances for Saturday Decreasing.

The BIG Weather Story:


ALL models agree that the Piedmont will experience its first Polar Outbreak…similar to last year. The time frame is January 8-9. We will see temperatures in the teens with single digits likely, so now it the time to get those pipes winterized and insulated.

Low Teens expected for the Piedmont
Low Teens expected for the Piedmont

This image is the new GFS showing mid teens…the European model shows single digits with some places in our mountains at -10!!! That may be extreme, but if they all agree on a polar outbreak and the 2nd week of January is statistically our coldest of the year, we need to pay attention.

We will be monitoring this as it develops.

Happy New Year!

NC Weather Happens. Enjoy it!

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