Thu. May 30th, 2024

Folks, we have a real pickle here…Is it or is it not going to snow on Thanksgiving? The short answer is MAYBE.

NC Weather Happens has been watching this system for a few days but today it appears that the models have a better handle on the new normal we see ourselves in. So let’s get to the pretty pictures…

cmc_snow_acc_greensboro_22 ecmwf_tsnow_greensboro_22 gfs_6hr_snow_acc_greensboro_41 KGSO_2014112212_dx_240 plotter





The Canadian Model gives us NO SNOW.

The European Model is showing us with 5.0 inches of snow.

The GFS is giving us 2-3 inches of snow.

So what do we believe? This is a case where there is a race between cold temperatures and precipitation. The European and GFS are seeing the cold arriving BEFORE the storm develops off the coast of NC while the Canadian is suggesting that the cold air will be further north. What a pickle!!!

Here is what NC Weather Happens is suggesting… This time Sunday night will tell. Medium Range models will begin to pick up/sample this storm and when that happens, confidence will be introduced. This far out, we can only show you what the potential is.

For now, keep watching the weather and know that NC Weather Happens will let you know immediately when things change. Tonight there just isn’t any confidence, but there is concern.

You will know when things go south when we issue our famous Southern “Milk and Bread Alert”! Until then, Keep this in your plans especially if you will be travelling.

NC Weather Happens, Enjoy it!


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