Tue. Jan 19th, 2021

Seasonal temperatures for October will slowly give way to colder air this weekend.

For this weekend, we are expecting a gift from Canada (strong 1034 mb High Pressure) that will give us our first shot of Frost. Expect Frost Advisories to be issued as we will have three nights right at or below freezing.

Sunday Morning Modeled Temperatures
Tuesday Morning Modeled Temperatures
Monday Morning Modeled Temperatures

Daytime highs should be in the upper 50’s west, to low 60’s east before warming back to more seasonal temperatures later in the week.

Because we are still in the growing season, these two products may be issued by the National Weather Service. Remember that once we have 1 warning issued, Frost alerts will no longer be issued for the season.

FROST ADVISORY Issued under clear, light wind conditions with forecast minimum temperature 33-36ºF during growing season
FREEZE WARNING When minimum temperature drops to < 32ºF during growing season

Use this time to prepare your gardens and flower beds for Frost, unhook water hoses from the spigot, and make sure to look after pets and livestock.


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