Tue. Jan 26th, 2021

So what would happen here in the Piedmont if we received what is expected in Boston?

Here is what they are looking at… Just imagine it here… Well, we can help by telling you what would happen so hang on!



The Setup:

A bombing low coming out of the Gulf of Mexico stalls off the Georgia South Carolina Coast and retrogrades into the Carolinas Tuesday night into Wednesday. Cold air already in place from the last cold air damming event is not expected to erode as the low approaches, so any precipitation that falls will be in the form of snow. Snowfall estimates are forecast to be in the 20 to 30 inch range with higher amounts not out of the question. Winds of 50 mph will also accompany this system driving snow into drifts with whiteout conditions likely.

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(Actual images for the upcoming New England Event)

…Back to our imaginary notice…


It may be several days before you will be able to get out. Prepare your home with food and personal needs for at least 5 days and insure that you have all medicines up to date. Don’t forget your pets either!!!

A supply kit can be found here or at FEMA.

…Wednesday morning Headlines…

  • EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT REPORTS WIDESPREAD ROOF COLLAPSE because of the weight of the 32 inch snow we received.
  • The fire started by a propane space heater allowed to burn as crews unable to respond.
  • Widespread power outages with Duke Energy reporting 600.000 without power.
  • Mobile carriers urge customers to use Text as voice and data service are limited.
  • Emergency Shelters are open with full capacity expected this evening.
  • No Milk or Bread available Statewide!


…Thursday Headlines…

  • Fire downtown burning out of control as crews unable to respond…
  • Shelters being setup at local churches as nearly a million without power.
  • Man dies after fall while clearing snow off the roof of his house.
  • Warehouse roof collapse injures 3.
  • City advises people to shelter in place as roads impassable.
  • Milk and Bread being airlifted to the region by Alabama Emergency Management.


…Friday Headlines…

  • Downtown Fire contained to one City block allowed to burn out.
  • Shelters operating at full capacity with more opening…list posted shortly.
  • Duke Energy reports 1.2 million without power may be weeks before being restored.
  • Weather service reports records statewide shattered with 30+ inch snowfall. Here is the list of reported totals…
  • Governor makes  disaster declaration in 32 counties
  • City reports 2% of roads are navigable urges citizens to continue to shelter in place.
  • National Guard deployed at local High schools statewide to distribute Milk and Bread urges caution if you must go out.


The Bottom Line:

If we got what New England is bracing for, we would be paralyzed for at least a week! Yes, I poked a little fun here but seriously…do you have a Plan? Do you have a Kit made? Have you considered your pets? Do you know where the closest shelter is? Honestly…have you ever just thought about what you would do without power for a week or more? What would you do without the Internet!!! These are things you need to think about and discuss with your family. The FEMA link is real. The Link to our Preparedness page is real. Study them and make your plan.

The Blizzard New England will receive this week will be Front Page News. Take the time to talk with your family about it and ask… “What would we do if that happened here?”

NC Weather Happens. Enjoy it! (and thankfully our weather is pretty quiet this time).

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